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I found my purpose

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Yesterday I wanted to write a blog post about spring minis. So I started to write, but after 3 hours, I gave up as I did not find the inspiration to bring my thoughts into written words.

After six and a half months of renovations and two months of shooting Christmas mini-sessions, I lost my purpose. I felt burned out and needed to step away and stop shooting. You see, for me, it is not all about money. It’s all about doing what I love the most, having fun, connecting with people, trying new things and creating memories that will last a lifetime. I do feel appreciated when someone pays my prices? Yes, I do, and it is a beautiful feeling, but money is not the centre of why I am doing this.

As I write this blog post, I often look out the window at the trees. They have lost their green coat but will soon have new flower buds and leaves. Nature is impressive as it always finds its way through cycles. Pastel colours will quickly bloom, pleasing our eyes and soul.

If we start to compare, our life is very similar as we might have lost people or new ones came on our paths to give us a new purpose. Nothing in this world happens without reason. Repeated lessons mean that we must change something to go a step further. Nature needs sun, but it also needs rain to grow. In everything, there must be a balance. Life can throw bad things at you, but it matters how you get out of some situations and what lessons you learn.

I told you I’d lost my purpose, and yesterday I spent all day thinking of why I am doing this. Like I always do, I asked the universe for an answer.

Cake smash photography studio in Hemel hempstead, Hertfordshire

I woke up in the morning, went into the kitchen, made my morning coffee, and entered Facebook. The first thing I saw was Gina’s story. She created a video with images from her little girl’s cake smash session, which I photographed back in March 2017. I watched the video a few times, and I wanted to see it again and again, each time. I was delighted to see all those sweet facial expressions. Even if the backgrounds are colourful, the final look of the picture is timeless. They are still my favourites. The only thing that you can not buy is time. You can only remember the time that used to be by going through images. You can see the beautiful growth of your child by comparing how small they were and how much they`ve grown now. Sometimes, you may miss a part of yourself or what it used to be, and then you look for the images or want to show others a part of your life. No matter the reason, all the pictures are important in the end.

Cake smash photographer Hertfordshire, cute girl holding one letters

Some people do not appreciate photography, and this is ok. People might not see the value now, and it is ok. However, these people will understand when somebody they love will not be next to them anymore and, looking through the image, will see there is no picture to keep as a reminder of someone who once used to hug and love them.

One year old girl eating cake at her birthday photoshoot

I believe everyone should have a beautiful portrait of themselves and the ones they love. Everyone should be proud of who they are and what they achieved and be happy to see another day. Some people will look in the mirror and think that now is not the time for photos. Maybe they want to lose weight. Perhaps they want to gain some or change the shape of the nose, hair, or lips. For your children, you are the most beautiful and unique human. Please do it for them. Give them a chance to have that one image they will return to in the next couple of years. You will never regret it!

My purpose is to capture beautiful images for you to treasure forever. I aim to make you feel safe during a photo shoot because I want to see the real you. I want to capture your light, feel your energy, and show it to you. I want to get to know the real you.

Cake smash family photography studio Hertfordshire

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