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Maternity Gallery

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

I love maternity sessions the most from all the services I offer. Pregnancy is the time when you fall in love with your baby without knowing how it looks. During those nine months, you have the opportunity to create the strongest bond of love and friendship you have ever seen.

The best time to have your maternity photos done is between 28-32 weeks. Did I do pregnancy sessions for expecting moms at 38 weeks? Yes, yes, I did. Women wanted to have beautiful memories from the most momentous period in their life.

The maternity studio photoshoot lasts around 2 hours. During this time, you can use different maternity dresses available, flowy materials, or we can create beautiful nude maternity pictures. Then, based on the colour of the dresses, I will guide you on what backdrops will work best. I use simple and floral backgrounds.

Because I want you to have the most beautiful pregnancy pictures, I will guide you from consultation to the end of the session.

I invite your partner to come with you for `couple maternity photos`. The partner can also tose the flowy materials or help you get dressed. The best results come when we are working as a team. Not all will say yes easily to this experience, but they will be happy they did it after receiving the final images. My working method does not involve pain. It's harder to go to a dentist for an extraction. Your child will most treasure these maternity photos in the years to come.

I usually start the pregnancy shoot using maternity gowns, creating different variations through posing. Each person can choose whether or not to have nude maternity photos taken. With posing, we hide the private parts and document the amazing transformation of the human body during pregnancy. In the nude pictures, the mothers radiate. They are more relaxed and more confident.

Each client can choose their favourite images for me to edit and print. I had a beautiful session with Bianca, and I would like to show you her gallery, minus the nude pictures that I can only present in the studio. A decision that I respect and that I enjoy because I have the opportunity to show other people what I can do.

As a maternity photographer, all I want is to capture this unique stage in your life, provide outstanding services and deliver products that you will proudly display in your home for the years to come.

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