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Is a mini session ideal for you?

How long is a mini session?

The mini sessions are suitable for those who have never been to a photo shoot and do not know how the child will react or those who do not have much time on their hands but still want beautiful images. The mini session lasts between 20-30 minutes, which is the ideal time for kids. What exceeds this time will surely exhaust them, especially those under two years old. In these sessions, I pose clients very little. Whether you are hugging your baby, kissing its cheek or the child gives me a grumpy face, all these moments are beautiful, and I want to capture them for you.

It doesn't matter what type of session you choose in the end. I want the experience with me to be a pleasant one. For the best possible collaboration, both parties must present all the details and expectations from the beginning.

How many photos do you get in a mini-session?

My mini-session package includes the time allocated for the session, time to edit the images, 5 or 10 digital images beautifully enhanced and delivered through online transfer in 7-10 days after the photo session.

How do mini photo sessions work?

Clients and everyone interested in mini-sessions always have the opportunity to choose the backgrounds they like the most. This way, I ensure we have a favourite setup that everyone is excited about.

I have multiple slots so that everyone can choose the right day and time for them.

I will use the chosen backgrounds only for the period mentioned in these photo sessions. Once the mini-sessions are over, they will find another home. I prefer them to be as different as possible from what I can offer at my regular sessions.

How much is a mini photoshoot?

The price can vary between £99 - £200 for these photoshoots, depending on what package parents opt for. The amount is much lower than the regular sessions. Clients can buy more than ten digital images. No matter the number of pictures, the photos you receive will always be an opportunity to remember the stages you went through for years happily. My kids are delighted when we look at the images, and they start to tell me everything they think both did at that moment or what they can remember. It's always fun.

Are mini photo sessions worth it?

We reach the most fundamental part that these sessions bring, the experience we have and the sentimental state in which we are induced at that moment because we will feel all the sensations we went through when we look at the photos. So even if we put the children back in the set countless times, whether we lift them to get smiles or tickle them a little, I want the final pictures to show how you are as a family because everyone is unique in its way.

If you have any questions regarding mini sessions, please contact me, and I will be happy to help.

Brothers posing for a Christmas photoshoot in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

For more information regarding our upcoming mini sessions, click here

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