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Photography is more than a USB stick

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Being a portrait photographer and giving digital images through online transfer or a USB stick only makes me feel empty.

I have hundreds of my family images on the hard drive, and I feel guilty that they sit there. So many people will keep the stick in a drawer and not use it for years. Some USB sticks are lost, and some might fail to work. Technology is excellent, but it can give you big headaches sometimes.

My kids want to see the videos and pictures we gathered together through the years from time to time. Andrei and Alex are curious to see how they looked when they were little, what both did, where they have been, and how the experience was. They do laugh a lot. Bringing out the hard drive lets us get together and discuss many things. Sometimes I miss holding them as a baby in my arms, but what can we do? We can only enjoy life as time flies too fast.

I can`t compare watching images on display with the feeling I get when I touch the paper and see the prints.

When I was little, my mother had a box full of images, and I would open the lid occasionally and stare at the faces. I recognise my grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins. Unfortunately, the Internet wasn`t an option for me in 1994. The fastest way to see my closest ones was through printed images.

With all this in mind, I wanted to incorporate printed images in my packages, as I love them. There is no better way to receive your most loved pictures from the photoshoot on paper in a box that fits them perfectly. You can look at them anytime, display them in the house on shelves, or even buy frames and hang them on the wall. It`s your choice what you want to do with them. Yes, most packages include the USB stick, but it will come with a backup, the prints, depending on the package clients choose.

A few years back, I started to look for wall art pieces, and I found this great company called The Print Foundry, based in Croydon. They work only with photographers. I went there, and I was able to see how wall art is created from start to finish. It`s a fascinating process. What I did love the most was seeing the images that came out of the printing machines. The printer brought the white paper to life using the magnificence of colours. The texture and the quality of the photographic paper made them look so realistic. The team was helpful and answered all the questions. I learned new things and instantly fell in love with wall art.

In 2017, I ordered five wall art pieces. Of course, I chose to print three big images of my kids and 2 of my clients. I can`t even describe how happy my kids were when they saw the pieces. They were looking at them every day. I was over the moon with the quality of the products and the colours.

Those pieces got noticed every time someone walked in, and people would tell me about how beautiful they were, the clarity of the images and the colours. But, most of the time, I would hear, “It looks so real!”

Andreea and Madalin can back me up on this statement. They ordered their first Framed Pro Mount wall art when they had their session done with their first baby, Medeea. Now, as they had their second daughter Rebecca, they ordered another wall art to match the first one beautifully. I really can`t wait to see them both next to each other.

Mister Renato Tavares, thank you very much for the videos!

Creating wall art made me stop shooting more than 100 images per session and think more about getting that perfect shot. I strive to find the best expression and position before touching the camera button. I want to create something unique, and when parents see it, they will instantly want to blow that image big on the wall.

In August, I wanted to photograph both my kids together. I explained what I wanted to do with that image, and they understood instantly. They dressed and got outside in the front garden to take photos. I asked them to stay close to each other, and Andrei gave Alex a big hug. That was my perfect moment through the lens, and I am so glad that I could capture it. I ordered my Framed Pro Mount without even telling them, and I showed it to them when it was here. No words can describe how they felt when they saw it. Andrei and Alex were screaming with joy. I explained we would have it on the wall when we complete the renovation. Soon enough, that moment will come.

The products that I present to my clients are the products I love. One Framed Pro Mount was stepped on accidentally by my little one while it was lying on the floor, and it survived; the wall art, I mean, ok, and the child – I was in shock for a few seconds. I know they will last a lifetime if they are taken care of, and the owners will move them first if they plan to change the house.

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