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Journey through images

Updated: May 22, 2023

Photos from multiple galleries done for one family over time

I first met the Lazar family in June 2019 when I photographed Reggie's first cake smash session. It was so easy to prepare all the details for the session, and I was so happy that the discussions were friendly. During the session, he smiled and danced and had a perfect time. The session was a success!

I saw them the second time when we photographed Anca's pregnancy and captured her bump. She is a beautiful person inside and out and a great mum. It's a pleasure to talk with her every time we meet. She is calm and friendly. I secretly wish that all the clients be like her. I was so happy that they chose me again to capture their new stage in their life.

The 3rd time we saw each other was when I photographed baby girl Luna. I wanted them to have the most beautiful memories and photos from the session. These changes bring in many emotions, and I wanted to capture them all. A second child brings more love, patience, and knowledge, lets you pass new barriers that you never knew you could and more unity.

The 4th time I saw their family was at Christmas mini-sessions. Reggie and Luna were a little bit bigger now. Reggie showed me how much he loves Luna and takes care of her. He is her protector and her best friend. They are mommy's and daddy's sun and moon.

The 5th time I photographed them was for an extraordinary occasion. Luna turned ONE! She has big beautiful eyes, she smiles all the time, she managed to show me her personality, and I am dying over her skin colour. She danced and clapped her hands, giving me a huge hug! That felt so good, especially after how crazy was the last year of my life. Their hugs are medicine for hearts and souls.

Reggie and Luna seem to have the same common problem with brotherly love. Reggie wants to hug his sister, but she runs away. She is making him work for every hug he wants to give.

Christmas 2021. They came back! Hurray! Reggie already knew what would happen when he saw me, and he was listening to everything I said. This little guy was smiling all the time. He knows I will send the images to Santa, and I think he wanted to show him how happy he is. Luna loves hugs from mommy and daddy. Unfortunately, she did not want to share them with Reggie during the session, but I could still capture a few beautiful moments between them. They both grew beautifully, and I can say that mom and dad are doing fantastic at parenting. However, I might need a few tricks as Reggie and Luna are well-behaved.

What can I say more?

Kids grow too fast. You don't even feel when a year has passed again and again. You can only be happy and present in their lives and enjoy the time spent with them as much as you can.

I am honoured that Anca and Gabriel Alexandru chose me to be their family photographer and let me capture all the moments and stages of their lives. I must say "Thank you" for trusting me with your most precious possessions, which are your memories. I hope we will see each other again soon.

I wish you all the best!

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