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Children and pets photography, Hertfordshire

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Pet and owner photoshoot in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire with boy and his lizard gecko

I don't currently own a pet, but I must say that back when I was just a child, my parents had dogs and doves (they still do), my brother had two lizards, and I had a few hamsters. After I saw 2 of my hamsters dying, I gave up because I cried like a baby after them, and I did not like to see how they suffered when their life ended. That was the biggest drama of my life just because I loved them and spent lots of days taking care of them. So I could not take on the suffering part.

I loved everything about going to my grandparents during the summer. They had chickens, pigs, cows and horses. It was a mini-farm full of wonders where I learned how to take care of animals and how important are they to us.

I wish my kids could stay at least one week in that environment. They are so curious about everything they have around, and they learn so many things about animals every day from Youtube, but the feeling you get when you see them on a screen compared to real-life hearing them and touching them is not the same.

We took our kids to the Belmont Children's Farm, based in The Ridgeway, London NW7 1QT, in August 2019, and I must admit they loved every minute of it. They fed, touched and tried to make the same sounds as the animals they saw. They told me everything they learned in school about a specific animal they saw there. So they know a lot of stuff.

Our friends from Hemel Hempstead have two dogs, Doyle and Sky, one little gecko, a girl named Twix, and expecting a cat. Richard loves them a lot, and he also takes good care of them. My kids were a little bit afraid of their dog in the beginning because of her size. She can be intimidating, but they have been a little more confident in touching her after spending time together, and they've seen she is just a sweet and loving dog.

Having pets will have a positive impact on a child's development. It will help with self-esteem, cognitive development, and social skills. It will teach your child to take care of another being, to have compassion and be patient. It will teach him how to love and how to show it.

I am not going to drop here a study with all the benefits. There are so many on the internet. I made this blog with another purpose in mind. I only wanted to talk from experience.

When Tatiana showed me the gecko, I was hooked as I am attracted to reptiles.

Disclaimer: I paid a guy once a few coins when I was in high school, to give me a house snake and I played with it for a few hours. I found it to be captivating but I knew I can’t go home with it [eye roll] because of my mum. She would freak out if she would see one rolled on my hand and I had to let him go. 

Now back to the gecko. Seeing how cute she was, I knew I had to photograph Richie with her. This session was my first photoshoot with a child and a pet. I was a little nervous because I know pets will do what they have to do, and you can't pose them all the time, but I am pleased with how all turned out in the end. I hope Richie will love the images as much as I do.

He will have the pictures for a lifetime.

Now that I've done it, I would love to plan a session where Richie can come with his dogs. I am curious how it will go. Will the light stand be up until the end of the session?

Who knows?

What pets do you have? I would love to know!

You can reply in the comments section. We would love to buy one in the nearest future.

Have you ever thought of having a family and pet photoshoot? If yes, I would love to be the one that takes your pet and family portraits.

Imagine a wall art (big photo) on the wall where you and your pet are in the centre of attention. I think it would be amazing.

If you are interested in family and pet photography, please get in touch, and we will create something as unique as you are because you deserve the best!

Boy with dark grey pullover with his lizard pet smiling at the camera.

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